Mahalaxmi Engineering Associates


Here are list of services we offer as company.

Telecomm Services

1. Network Planning
2. RF Planning & Design
3. RF Optimization
4. In Building Solutions
5. Quality of Services
6. Transmission Planning Services
7. Project Management
8. Manpower Management
9. Operation Maintenance
10. Managed Services

Network Planning:-

Network PlanningNetwork Planning and Design services deliver value by designing the most economical network with high Quality of Service to support the current and future technology and capacity requirements of the operators. To satisfy this, MEA engineers use technology expertise, sophisticated algorithms, world-class tools and disciplined design processes to provide end-to-end, multi-vendor design solutions. Network Planning and Design services cover Radio Frequency (RF) and Transmission Engineering, Fixed and Core Network Engineering for GSM, CDMA, Microwave Transmission, SDH, DWDM, WiMAX and Broadband networks.

RF Planning and Design

RF Planning & Design:-

Radio network planning comprises of radio network dimensioning, planning of the coverage, capacity, frequency allocation and interference analysis. Moreover it includes detailed planning, which concentrate on parameter planning with necessary field measurement.

RF Optimization

RF Optimization:-

MEA’s Optimization solutions are aimed at improving the performance of an operators network, post the network roll out. With ever changing data traffic demands with the usage of smart phones and pressures on managing the operational costs, service providers are increasingly looking at Optimization services for meeting the needs of customers and save on capital and operational expenditure.

In Building Solutions

In Building Solutions:-

IBS integrates seamlessly with your existing network. It’s designed to address specific commercial and technical requirements, improving the service for your end-users.

Transmission Planning Services

Transmission Planning Services:-

Transmission network planning covers definition of the whole network topology, technology selections, equipment configurations, synchronization and management plans. Essential areas of expertise are also site candidate identification and selection, technical site surveys and line-of-sight checks.

Project Management:-

Effective project management begins with a complete understanding of the Wireless communications industry.

Manpower Management

Manpower Management:-

MEA provides placement and deployment of manpower services. We have a big amount of qualified professional engineers databank.
Our presence in various countries has unable us to provide personnel with different cultures, background and varied experience.
We provide qualified manpower of:- Network Planner, Network Optimization Engineer, Transmission Planner, Drive Test Engineer, IBPS Engineer, Project Manager, Software Developmer.

Operation Maintenance:-

Responsible for effective working of MSC/BSC operation & maintenance.

Tower Installation

Tower Installation:-

Installation of rack/DDF as per floor plan, couple, anchor, grounding, proper cable routine and labelling.
Installation, commissioning and testing of BTS equipments .
Installation, Commissioning and alignment of Microwave hops up to 3m.

Battery Bank Installation:-

Battery cell testing and replacement of dead cells.
Tightening of each connected strips or cables with proper lugs.
Cleaning the battery tops & greasing/capping.
Proper marking of phase and fitting of safe guard (cover)