Mahalaxmi Engineering Associates

Working Patterns

Quality of Service today between services provided by various organizations. Quality @ Mahalaxmi Engineering Associates implies Quality of Processes and Deliverables.

In our projects, we strictly follow the rules and regulations and ensure effective adherence right from project commencement to project deployment. Organization strictly follows the given guidelines of working procedure.

  • As per the project requirement, quality tools and tested equipments are used.
  • As per the project, we analyze complete SOW.
  • Evaluate project on each and every stage.
  • Maintenance of proper project documents.

The pace of business evolution has attained a stage where businesses are increasingly utilizing the power of technology to accelerate the pace of business. Our deep understanding of technology has enabled us to constantly and consistently enhance our abilities. Our business model is based on our insights into the relationship between technology and its application, to solve business problems and attain tangible business benefits.

We have set efficient systems to co-ordinate all the activities. The project is headed by Project Manager & Account Key Magaer who looks after various day to day field & Office activities such as:

  • Initiation (Collection of work order & site document)
  • Proper Work Allotment.
  • The deputation of the Site Managers and personnel to the respective sites.
  • Proper Site Data & Report submission.